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September 2019 Product Updates

By Todd H Gardner

The TrackJS team was hard at working pushing out new features and improving UI responsiveness. Here are all the things we launched:

Faster UI Performance

We've been tuning our elasticsearch system and queries to improve performance in the UI for complex reports and long data ranges. Things should feel a lot snappier now!

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Weekly Site Quality Report

We released a new weekly email report that benchmarks the quality of your applications against other TrackJS users.

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Marking Errors as Read

We've started tracking which error and rollup reports you've already looked at, and styling them more subtly in the UI, like unread mail in your inbox. We hope this will make discovering new problems easier.

Metadata filtering update

We updated the logic around filtering by metadata to be logical AND when filtering by metadata keys. This enables you to find errors that have both `version:1.0` AND `subscription:trial`.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder