Security Policy

This Agreement was last modified on January 19, 2019.

Security and confidentiality is important to TrackJS and fundamental to your trust in us. We are committed to securing your data and ensuring the availability of services.

TrackJS uses industry-standard technologies and service providers to protect your data from unauthorized access. All TrackJS employees are thoroughly vetted and trained on security best practices.

Vulnerability Disclosure

To report a vulnerability, or if you have a security concern with TrackJS, please contact

Please include a proof-of-concept, tools used, and recreation steps in your report. We'll make every effort to quickly respond to you and resolve the issue.

We may pay a bug bounty for reports we determine are critical from pre-approved security researchers. If you would like to scan our systems with the goal of collecting a bounty, contact us for approval before beginning your tests. We will not pay a bounty to unapproved security researchers.

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