Node Error Logging

Track Down NodeJS Errors

Simple error tracking and debugging for your NodeJS website and API with TrackJS. We automatically log and track bugs in your NodeJS code with all the context you need to understand, recreate, and fix the problem.

Don't wait for your users to report bugs. Know as soon as they happen with TrackJS.

Developer debugging a broken cloud.

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Better NodeJS Applications in 3 Steps

Install the Agent

Install the TrackJS-Node agent from npm. You don't need to change your code or call our API, errors are captured automatically. The agent is 100% backwards compatible and dependency free.

Automatic Logging

Errors are logged to our Capture API, where we enrich, de-duplicate, and analyze errors for trends. You can set up rules to automatically ignore errors or group them together.

Report and Alert

We'll surface actionable data from your errors, like user impact, module dependencies, and custom metadata. We'll automatically alert you when your data has changed, so you can fix bugs fast.

NodeJS Error Monitoring

TrackJS Telemetry Timeline

See the Error Telemetry

JavaScript is complicated and asynchronous–and errors are inevitable. The TrackJS agent wraps the Node API to catch errors, logs, and rejected promises as soon as they happen, then enriches the errors with Telemetry and better stack traces.

TrackJS Server Environment Context

Understand Your Environment

Do you know where your code is running? TrackJS captures deep context about your running environment, the server OS, working directory, running user, and all the running module dependencies that were deployed. You'll know exactly which version got deployed.

Error Request URL Report

Know Which Paths Cause Trouble

TrackJS records the request URL, requesting user, running server, and any custom metadata properties you'd like to use. Group and report on errors across any dimension to see where users are running into errors.

Do No Harm

Private By Default

Our agent doesn't use cookies and doesn't track anything identifiable about users. Telemetry events only include metadata about network requests and user actions, but never values, headers, or bodies.

No Impact

The TrackJS agent does not alter the behavior or performance of your environment, and will not slow down your page. Event data is kept as a small detached rolling buffer to prevent memory leaks.


When the agent sends error or usage data, it is deferred and non-blocking so that we never interrupt interaction with your app. If the agent is disconnected, it fails open, so that your app and your user are never impacted.

Error Request URL Report

Integrates with Express, Next, and More!

The TrackJS agent installs in minutes. Just include our module from npm and install with your token. It easily integrates with popular NodeJS tools, checkout our documentation for some examples.

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Michael Dowden

Michael Dowden

CEO at Flexepark

TrackJS support is fantastic whenever we've had any questions. The ability to track product version is really fantastic and makes it easy to tie issues to specific code.

Kristina Durivage

Kristina Durivage

Lead Engineer at SmartThings

I am confident that we understand what's happening in our system with TrackJS. We get a full view of what's happening when errors spike and it enables us to build a more robust platform for our partners.

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