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We're software engineers building tools to make the web better. We believe that sustainability and simplicity are at the core of meaningful progress.

About Us

Our Team

Eric Brandes

Eric Brandes

Cofounder and CTO
Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner

Cofounder and CEO
Jordan Griffin

Jordan Griffin

Principal Engineer
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Our Story

Before starting TrackJS, we worked as senior engineering consultants for some of the worlds biggest companies. We saw a common problem: JavaScript applications are big, popular, and prone to unexpected errors. Every team needed better observability into their web applications, and how they break for users.

With the experience of building dozens of major web applications, we started building TrackJS. Our company was bootstrapped, built with our sweat, tears, and belief that we could make the web better. Our first innovation was the Telemetry Timeline: the idea that network, console, and user events that happened before the error were incredibly valuable to developers for debugging.

Years later, and we've built TrackJS into a stable error monitoring system used by some of the biggest sites on the internet. Our system has focused on simplicity in its design, and simplicity in its use, because every web developer should be able to understand their bugs.

TrackJS is built for the long haul. We've taken no outside investment, so we won't get sold off and disassembled by a tech giant. We keep our team small, so we're incentivized to always focus on the customer. We'll be around as long as JavaScript rules the web.

Our Home

TrackJS was proudly built in Minnesota and rooted in the Minneapolis-St. Paul tech community. We pitched the idea for TrackJS at Minnebar. We gave the first demo in the DevJam Basement for JavaScript.MN. We're alumni of the very first Beta.MN. Our first customers were Minnesota startups Docalytics and Frontend Masters.

We're thankful to be part of this fantastic community.