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We built TrackJS for developers like us. We are front-end developers who constantly push to build better applications for the web. The web is amazing and powerful, but only when it works great for users. Too many web applications break on unexpected browsers or poor networks connections. TrackJS is for you. Find your bugs. Get the context to fix them fast. Build a better web.

Our Story

TrackJS was conceived during Minnebar in March of 2013 as a tool for JavaScript Error Management in consulting projects. Cofounders Eric, Nick, and Todd built a demo and presented it to the JavaScript.MN User Group.

Shut up and take my money!

The demo led to multiple interested customers, now we just had to build the product. Bootstrapping mornings, nights, and weekends, TrackJS launched into beta in October of 2013. Our first customers graciously helped work out scale issues as we built the infrastructure to handle error volumes from the world's biggest sites.

We publicly launched our service in March of 2014 with lots of interest from developers and the media. Today, TrackJS is profitable and fully sustainable, so you can trust that we'll be around for awhile. TrackJS remains bootstrapped and wholly-owned by the working partners.

Eric Brandes

Eric Brandes

Cofounder & CTO
Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner

Cofounder & CEO
Jordan Griffin

Jordan Griffin

Partner & Engineer

Our Home

TrackJS was proudly built in Minnesota. We owe a lot to the fantastic people and companies that make up the community. Especially Minnestar, JavaScript.MN, Frontend Masters, and Beta.MN. You're awesome.

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