Global JavaScript Error Statistics

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Global aggregates made from the entire TrackJS error dataset. We calculate the average number of errors per page view, along with which browsers and operating systems have the most errors. We also surface the most prevalent errors on the web with helpful explanations.

All JavaScript Errors

The average number of errors per page view across our dataset.
This is a general estimate of the frequency and prevalence of errors across the web.

 errors per 100 page views

Most Common Errors

These errors impact a large percentage of our customers.

Script Error

Script Error is caused by an error in a script loaded from a different domain. The browser's Same Origin Policy obfuscates the real context of the error.

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undefined is not a function

Code is attempting to execute a function, but the reference used is undefined. This can happen when an object does not match the shape you expect, or if your are constructing objects dynamically.

The operation is insecure

This can be caused a few ways, but most commonly caused by a failed attempt to access localStorage while in Safari private mode. It can also be caused by setting browser history outside of the current origin or making an improper network request.

The string did not match the expected pattern.

This is caused when an incorrectly formatted element query selector is passed into querySelector or similar jQuery interface. Seems to be most common on Safari.

Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

An attempt to read the length of a String, Array, or similar object, but the object was not defined.

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Errors By Group