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MONTHLY YEARLY (One month free)


100,000 page views/month
Unlimited users
1 application
3 notification channels
10 day retention
. 20 errors per minute
~900k errors per month
per month
per year
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1,000,000 page views/month
Unlimited users
5 applications
Unlimited notification channels
15 day retention
60 errors per minute
2.5 million errors per month
 per month
per year
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page views/month
Unlimited users
10 applications
Unlimited notification channels
30 day retention
90 errors per minute
3.9 million errors per month
per month
per year
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Tailored to your needs with customized compliance, security, billing, volume, or service-levels.

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Making something on your own? We've been there. We support moonlighted and bootstrapped businesses.

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Building for the greater good? TrackJS supports open-source and non-profit projects.

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Frequently asked questions about pricing

What is a page view?

A page view occurs whenever our script is loaded on the page. A small 1x1 pixel image request is made to our servers when the script initializes.

What if I exceed the page view limit for the plan?

We'll contact you to find the right subscription for your needs. Don't worry, we won't drop your data or impact your sites.

Why not price on number of errors?

We want you to have zero errors! The more successful you are with us, the fewer errors you will have; but we still want to keep you as a customer.

Is my credit card secure?

We use Stripe to facilitate all of our monetary transactions. We never store or transmit your credit information in our system.

Is my error data secure?

We take security very seriously. We obfuscate user data before it leaves the browser and transmit it over SSL.

How do I get help?

We have great documentation with common examples, and our team is available to help with any problems or requests. We typically respond within an hour during business hours.

How do I cancel?

There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Cancel anytime and we'll wipe your data from our systems.

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