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Error Monitoring in Sencha ExtJS from OhmzTech

By Todd H Gardner

We’re thrilled to announce an official TrackJS Integration with Sencha ExtJS, developed with the good folks at OhmzTech. This simple wrapper will funnel the fantastic error detail into TrackJS and capture relevant context into the Telemetry Timeline.

OhmzTech was an early adopter and partner of TrackJS. As a software development firm focusing on UI-first and rapid prototyping, finding and understanding bugs quickly is critically important. They have trusted us to help them improve the quality of their development and monitor their projects in production.

TrackJS is perfect for complex development debugging in Sencha frameworks like Ext JS. There’s simply no reason not to use TrackJS in all your JavaScript apps. The ability to share access with team members and easily collaborate on fielding errors has been invaluable to our workflow.

Omar Al-Mishwit. President, OhmzTech

Specializing in Sencha applications, OhmzTech has done some amazing things. Reach out to them when you’re looking to build your next immersive web or mobile application. They certainly have deep knowledge of ExtJS and a passion to keep advancing.

OhmzTech is a sponsor of SenchaCon 2015. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit their booth. OhmzTech developed this TrackJS integration hook, and have more good stuff coming. They have been our partner for many months, guiding our development and reporting UI issues. We’re very grateful for their support.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder