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Sharing Error Reports

By Todd H Gardner

A few weeks ago, we quietly released the ability for your to share your error reports publicly. We think this is really powerful, because it allows you to spread information and get feedback on your errors from a much wider audience. You can share with other teams, send a report to your boss, or include it directly in a question to StackOverflow.

Anyone with the generated direct URL to a shared error can see the report, just like sharing in Google Docs. You can take these URLs and embed them in your work management or ticketing system as an easy way to refer back to the originating error report. And don’t worry, shared errors will never get dropped after their retention expires.

We’re really excited about this and all the things you’ll be able to do with this.

Have a look at some of our errors that we’ve shared. Here’s an error we ran into with sourcemap parsing. It’s real easy to debug this because we saw the user click on the “Stacktrace” tab, which adds nice context to the code being executed.

Here’s another error where we screwed up for Internet Explorer 10. Yea, it gets us too.

We think these error reports are pretty awesome. If you’d like to get this for your application, try TrackJS today, free for 14 days, and we’ll help you know when these bugs impact your visitors.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder