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Searching for JavaScript Errors

By Todd H Gardner

We just launched some more great stuff to find and fix your errors! You have this now, log in now and check it out!

Your errors are unique snowflakes; sometimes they can be hard to find! Now you can do detailed full-text searching over all your errors. We index the error message, url, telemetry console messages, and telemetry network urls. We think its pretty great, and we’ve already found some interesting stuff in our own data.

Searching Errors

Telemetry Counts

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which error to dig into. Each time an error occurs may have different Telemetry associated with it. We’re introducing a new concept along with search, Telemetry Counts. You see them as icons in your search results. We hope this will give you a better idea of how rich the information is behind each result.

We’re considering adding these to other error listing pages as well. Tell us what you think!

##Tracker JavaScript 1.2.5

You’ve helped discover a few bugs in the tracker script recently, and we’ve tried to patch them all up right away. This update gives you:

  • Support for IE10 XDomain
  • Support for IE AJAX 201 responses
  • Hidden console messages in IE8
  • Instrumenting empty select elements
  • Stacktraces on the global error handler
  • There are some significant improvements with this one, we recommend updating right away.

Love these changes or hate them, we’d love to know! Post a comment below, or submit from the feedback form in your account. Happy JavaScripting!

Not using TrackJS yet? Grab a free 14-day trial and let us help you start finding and fixing bugs!

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder