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Scaling TrackJS with Elasticsearch for Fun and Profit

By Todd H Gardner

We’ve been using Elasticsearch here for awhile. We’re thrilled to share our experiences with them, and the larger community. We wrote up a blog post with them:

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we wanted to tell our Elasticsearch story. Like many others out there, TrackJS is a small company scaling quickly, and open source solutions can play a critical role in growing your organization without breaking the bank.

TrackJS uses Elasticsearch to provide real-time JavaScript error reporting analytics to our customers. It underpins our backend and allows us to slice and dice client-side errors. We’ve encountered a number of scaling issues as we’ve grown, and have gained hard-won knowledge in the process. We don’t have an unlimited budget — the answer for us is not always “add a bigger box.” This post is a raw look at how our business has grown to process over 200 million error events per month on a limited budget — and still provide a great user experience.

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We also joined them for a webinar on February 3rd, 2015. Check out the recording here.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder