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Building Request Metrics

By Todd H Gardner

We’ve been working on something big. We’re building Request Metrics, a new service for web performance monitoring.

TrackJS is a fantastic tool to understand web page errors, but what if your pages aren’t broken, just slow? What if the checkout page takes 10 seconds to load? What if that user API is slowing down from your recent database change? What pages have the worst user experience? Request Metrics will tell you that.

“So what Todd, there’s lots of performance monitoring tools available.” Yes, but they suck. Today’s performance tools require too much configuration and setup. There’s mountains of data to store, dozens of knobs to turn, and alerts to configure. You spend days getting them working, only to have pretty charts that don’t actually tell you anything or dense query languages that you’ll never fully understand.

And you get to pay thousands of dollars for them too!

Request Metrics is going to be the fastest, the simplest, and probably the cheapest performance monitoring tool ever. Request Metrics will natively expose the most important performance information. It will automatically alert you when you need to pay attention. And all you need to do is paste our agent in your page.

Plus, it’s going to be cheap enough that any team can use it.

The Best Part

The best part is that you get to see how we build it! We’ve been recording the development of Request Metrics and publishing episodes for each topic we tackle. You can see how we started the project with .NET Core, how we configured our first Linux server with Ansible, and how we build and deploy the code.

Our first 8 episodes are live now on our YouTube channel, with new releases every week. Subscribe to it for updates, or join the Request Metrics newsletter.

Development is considerably farther ahead of the videos (editing takes a long time). And we’re already testing things internally. It’s so good. We’re going to open it up for beta users in a few weeks, and Request Metrics subscribers will be the first to know. So be sure to join.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder