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Goodbye {Track:js}. Hello TrackJS!

By Todd H Gardner

{Track:js} is gone. The name is anyway. We’ve removed the last vestiges of it, and we are now TrackJS. Hello!

The name change has been part of a larger rebranding effort we’ve been working on to upgrade and elevate ourselves. An update to grow up from our scrappy roots and reflect the company we are today: reliable, supportive, and fun.

When we started, we chose to represent our name as {Track:js} because it felt like it represented the developers we wanted to reach. It was sort-of our name, it was sort-of our logo, and it sort-of looked like JavaScript.

As we grew, we started to see problems with it though. People weren’t really sure what our name was when writing about us or searching for us. Sometimes we were “track:js”, sometimes “{trackjs}”, and sometimes “trackjs”. It looked amateur, because it was. It was confusing for our customers and hurting our discoverability.

At the start of 2018, we decided this was important to fix and we started updating the brand, trying to remove the confusion and modernize ourselves. Ultimately, going simple and using only “TrackJS” as our name.

We added a proper logo, clearly separate from our name. We tried to retain the feel of our origins in it, keeping the brackets and trying to reflect what we do: help you catch errors.

<img src=”/assets/images/blog/2018-10-11-hello-trackjs/newlogo.png” alt=”New TrackJS Logo”

 /> </a>

New TrackJS Logo

And we also introduced a few mascots: a series of script-characters working, failing, and emphasizing things for us. I think it adds some depth to our identity, and allows us to tie concepts together that we couldn’t before with just a company name. Plus, illustrations can be pretty fun.

<img src=”/assets/images/blog/2018-10-11-hello-trackjs/scriptguy.png” alt=”Script Guy Mascots”

 /> </a>

Script Guy Mascots

Nothing in software or business is ever done, and I’m sure this will all continue to evolve over time. But I’m really happy with where we landed on this. I’d love to know what you think of the new styles.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder