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Cornell School of Hotel Administration: “Hello TrackJS!”

By Todd H Gardner

The development team out at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration recently added TrackJS to their development process. Looks like we’ve done some good things for them, check out their review:

Like many web programmers, I wear two programming hats. One hat is for the server-side, and whenever I make a mistake on the server side, bells and whistles go off, I get an email with a stack trace, plus a Growl alert, a siren, and my cat arches his back and hisses. I know right away when there is trouble in paradise.

The other hat is for the client-side. Ugggh. In JavaScript, no one will hear you scream. When your little JavaScript snippet blows up, it leaves your page in a precarious half-useful state. It might look OK but when you start trying to do stuff, things just don’t work. As a programmer you’re used to this crap happening, and you start up FireBug or Developer Tools or what have you, more-or-less out of habit. You even do it on other people’s sites.

But when your customers encounter an error, they immediately go to your competitor’s site. The problem has been around since Mosaic 0.1 beta. You, as a programmer, need an alert when JavaScript blows up on the client’s browser, wherever that may be.

Read the full review on their blog.

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
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