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A Better Way to Track JavaScript Errors

By Todd H Gardner

JavaScript is amazing; you are building amazing and creative web applications that no-one conceived a few years ago (except maybe Jeff). But as our webapps get larger, they get more complex, harder to debug, and difficult to reason about. Combine that with the less-than-awesome JavaScript error management and haphazard browser implementations and we’re left dealing with:

TypeError: e is undefined. scripts.js. line 1.

We set out to fix this–to seamlessly track client-side errors with enough information to actually fix them! To accomplish this, we couldn’t limit ourselves to the constraints of the JavaScript Error object alone. We built our own event recording system to capture interesting context about your application, the network transactions, and what your visitor was doing on the page. Combine this with context of the DOM and Browser to give you a more-complete replay of the error. We call this the Error Telemetry, and it’s kinda like a BlackBox for your app:

TrackJS Telemetry Timeline

We’ve been running for a few months with early customers and in the construction of TrackJS itself–and we’re thrilled how well it works. It’s helped us solve nasty Chrome-on-ios7 specific bugs, and revealed unexpected behavior on our APIs. We’re excited to invite you to give it a try for free.

The web is full of broken JavaScript. Let’s put an end to that. Let’s find and fix our bugs. Let’s make the web a better place.

Let’s get started. Grab your free 14-day trial of TrackJS today!

Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder