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[Video] JavaScript Forensics

By Todd H Gardner

Over the past year, I’ve been touring software conferences and sharing some techniques for finding and debugging some of the most common errors on the web with a talk I call “JavaScript Forensics”. JSConfEU did a marvelous job recording and producing the talk, and I’d like to share it with you all. I hope you like it.

Something terrible has happened. Errors litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their object context in the corner. Everything reeks of jank. The web is overrun. In this session, a JavaScript error tracking expert tracks down some of the most common and most dangerous outlaws of web applications. You’ll leave the session armed with track down and capture the problems in your own JavaScript web applications. Bring your bugs and let’s fix up our web.


Todd H Gardner
Todd H Gardner
CEO and Cofounder