Who We Are

We are front-end developers who constantly push to build better applications for the web.

Eric Brandes

Cofounder & CTO

Todd Gardner

Cofounder & CEO

Jordan Griffin

Principal Engineer

TrackJS started in 2013 with a simple idea: an easy way to add JavaScript error monitoring to any web application. We saw that the next generation of web applications would rely heavily on JavaScript, but JavaScript on the browser can be a hostile environment. Things were going to break, a lot.

We bootstrapped TrackJS for ourselves first, as a way to monitor our own projects. Today, our small business monitors thousands of web applications from some of the biggest sites on the internet. We collect and analyze billions of errors per month, and give our customers insight and context in to what's happening in their applications.

TrackJS is built for the long haul. We've taken no outside investment. We keep our team small and our operations profitable. This allows us to focus on making a fantastic JavaScript error monitoring tool, not ensuring our investors get a big return. We're going to be around as long as JavaScript applications continue to generate errors.

Our Home

TrackJS was proudly built in Minnesota. We owe a lot to the fantastic people and companies that make up the community. Especially Minnestar, JavaScript MN, Frontend Masters, and Beta.MN. You're awesome.