TrackJS cured our client-side blindness. It shined a spotlight on unknown production issues. With TrackJS, we're empowered to proactively resolve UI errors the moment they occur instead of passively waiting for customers to report issues.

Cory House, Principal Engineer    Cox Automotive

JavaScript Error Monitoring

Chasing down the root cause of web errors is expensive and time-consuming. You have to deal with remote users, bad descriptions, and browser screenshots. With TrackJS, you know when problems happen right away with all the context to fix them fast.

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Client-Side Error Logging Made Easy

Telemetry Timeline

Telemetry Timeline

Get unmatched client-side context with the Telemetry Timeline. Recreate problems fast with the user, network, and application events that led to an error. It's like having an airplane's black box for your webapp.

Enhanced Stack Traces

Get better error context from the TrackJS's integrated function wrapping, automatic sourcemaps, and inline prettified source code. You'll spot the bugs before opening your editor!

Enhanced Stack Traces
<script src="">
  window.TrackJS && TrackJS.install({
    token: "YOUR_TOKEN"

Easy To Install

Just drop the code snippet into your markup and you'll get great visibility into production errors. If only fixing them was this easy.

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Engineer Supported

Error Tracking can be hard. If you need help installing, configuring, or just tracking down a nasty bug, our expert partners are here to help you.

Friendly Pricing

We price our service on sessions protected instead of error volume because we want to be your partner. We want to help get you to 0 errors, and support you if a bug slips through. We grow when you do.

Partner Owned

TrackJS is entirely employee owned and profitable. We're not beholden to interests that push for reckless growth or mergers. We're here to do right by our customers.

Real Customers Fixing Real Bugs

In the time it takes to brush your teeth, you can gain an understanding of what your users are experiencing. It has helped me and it can help you, too.

David Rael    Developer on Fire

TrackJS has been an invaluable tool in helping to quickly identify JavaScript errors resulting from bad code and browser updates. TrackJS is a safety net that every web developer needs to have their back.

David Walsh, Senior Software Engineer    Mozilla

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Monitor Client-Side Errors and Build a Better Web

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